The Core Of Your content Marketing Stratergy Is Your Content Brand

Module 2 – Create Your Content Brand Strategy

The core of your content marketing strategy is your content brand. Like a business brand, your content brand is how people view your content and view you as a content publisher. It’s similar, but different in a few key ways.

In traditional branding, you create the image you want your customers to have of you. Content branding is a more customer-centered approach. Rather than striving to gain exposure for your brand, your sole mission is to provide the content your audience wants. You create and publish content with them in mind, and through this content, you establish the brand. Whenever a customer sees your content, they’ll know what to expect from having consumed it before.

Your goal in content branding is to establish a reputation as a publisher who provides only relevant, high-value content. You never let your audience down. If you can accomplish this, your customers will always come to you to get their needs met, even while they’re being bombarded by content and advertising messages from others.

In this module, you’re going to complete 4 lessons that culminate with a strategy designed to put you on the path to a memorable content brand.

Lesson 1: 5 Keys to Building a Timeless Content Brand

Lesson 2: Putting the ‘Marketing’ into Your Content Brand

Lesson 3: Gather Your Content Research

Lesson 4: Create Your Content Brand Strategy

Lesson 1: 5 Keys to Building a Timeless Content Brand

What do successful content brands do that unsuccessful brands don’t? There are the five keys to building a timeless content brand.

5 Keys to Building a Timeless Content Brand

1. Understand Your Customers

This is the most important key and it’s the basis of your entire content brand. You have to know your customers well before you can deliver the content they like. Aside from discovering their demographics and tastes, you also need to connect with them wherever possible and listen to them. Social media is a great way to accomplish this.

2. Serve Your Customers’ Needs

A good content brand passionately serves its customers’ needs. They think of themselves as content publishers rather than marketers. You’re more like a television station, creating and choosing the programming that your viewers like. Your job is to deliver what your audience loves, whatever content that may be. This content is interesting, informative, helpful, entertaining, and/or helps your customers solve their problems.

3. Consistency

One of the key elements of any brand is consistency. All of its marketing and materials need to deliver the same message to customers. A content brand is the same. Customers come to expect the content you deliver to them. You have to remain in touch with their feelings and opinions to stay on track.

4. Building Authority

Through delivering content, your brand becomes an authority. Your fans come to see you as a go-to for any information related to your niche. You become an expert in their eyes. A successful content brand is seen as not only an authority on information, but on the products and services its customers need.

5. Always Quality

The fresh content a brand serves its customers must maintain a high standard of quality. You can never let your audience down.

Action Steps:

1.Where do you go for the content you need? Look at the content brands where you get your online or offline content. Make a list of your favorite content providers.

2.Take your list and ask yourself for each item, why do you go to them? How do you feel about these content brands?

3.If there are some content providers you’ve quit going to, why was that?

4.How do you currently measure up against the above five keys? Which keys are strong and which could use improvement? Make notes on what you can do to improve.

5.Draft your content brand vision. How do you want to be seen and remembered? Why should people consume your content and not someone else’s?

Lesson 2: Putting the ‘Marketing’ into Your Content Brand

One way to think of your content marketing is as the fuel that powers your continuous sales cycle. Content helps people first become aware of you, such as when they’re casual web surfers looking for information. It helps you build relationships with leads so they become your customers, such as with lead magnets and emails. And it converts your customers to loyal followers who sing your praises and keep moving through the cycle as they have more needs. What you want your content to do is attract people into your business and keep them there.

There are many ways a web surfer could enter your sales cycle. They may bookmark your site or subscribe to your blog. They might befriend you on social media or share your content. If you’re marketing through email, a prospect enters your business by signing up for your list.

Identifying Your Content Marketing Goals

Content can serve many different purposes. You need to identify the specific purpose for which you’re building a loyal audience. Ask yourself what you want your content to achieve for you.

Hopr this article spurs you on to creating great content for your business. If you require further help with all aspects of building your online empire click the link below.

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