Content is king! Content +Promotion is KingPin!

Content+ Promotion is Kingpin!

Dictionary definition for the term; “Kingpin”   “a person or thing that is essential to the success of an organization or operation”.

In the industry world of mechanics the kingpin is like a coupling for holding say the trailer to the truck. You probably have a better definition yourself but what I’m attempting to point out is the importance of coupling two things together and in our case were talking about coupling content and Promotion, and when the two are combined appropriatly do they produce the desired effect; Building community through providing great content!

Bloggers in the thousands come up with really great content only to make little to no money. It’s quite sad to think how much effort is put into producing all this great content for little returm on their efforts.

Why is this happening? Why are otherwise, very passionate and intelligent people failing to make a single dime off the internet?

It has very little to do with their level of intelligence or level of passion? It has everything to do with the fact they don’t have a working system? Let’s be clear. If you do not have a system for niche marketing and online income building plan then you’re planning the game wrong.  As the saying goes:

“If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail!”

To really make it in this industry, you have to go beyond quality content. I know that this is shocking to many experienced marketers, Marketers who keep saying content is king. I’m not disputing that. I truly understand and appreciate how important content is. It plays a big role in your success. Nobody can dispute that. That’s not what I’m arguing. What I’m arguing is what you do with that content! Big difference!

You see, if you just focus on producing the very best content, it’s very tempting to fail to take the second step. What second step is that? Promotions. You have to promote your content. What’s the point of creating the very best piece of content in your niche only to let it lay there? If you don’t promote it, nobody’s going to see it.

This sounds awesome and everything but here’s the thing. When you’re promoting your content, you have to be intentional about it. The key to content that makes you money all day, every day, really boils down to community.

When people interact with your content and engage with it, you have a tremendous opportunity to build your niche community. That is the key. This is why you shouldn’t just create content for the sake of creating content. It may be based on the very best content available in your niche, but at the end of the day you have to build a community of followers.

You have to look at your content and ask yourself, “How can I engage with my readers so that they engage fully with this content and tell other people about my website?”, “How do I get people emotionally invested in what I’m doing?”, “How do I draw people in on a deep personal and emotional level so they feel they have a stake in my business?”. This is the key to your online business success. It all boils down to community.

If you look at your competitors and divide them between the mediocre, the failures and the successful ones, chances are, when you look at the successful brands in your niche, they actually have a thriving community of people who are emotionally invested in their content. You can do the same.

This is not rocket science. It doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars, all it costs you is time. Just have to reach the people who are actually reading your stuff. Itá all about creating actual relationships with them. It’s about getting them to want to come back for more great information again and again.  The content that you produce would then foster community.

Hope this helps you.

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