How to Choose Between Multiple Website/Brand Ideas.

 You’re going to find a way to earn some money and meanwhile be working on that dream brand that will earn you a living while letting you write about things that you love.

But what if you don’t just have one idea? What if you know you want to be an entrepreneur, but you’re not quite sure what kind of brand you want?If you’re like a lot of web designers and internet entrepreneurs, then the chances are that you will have more than one website on the go and more than one idea for future sites that you think could help to make you your millions. In fact you probably also have ideas for apps, for eBooks, for products and for media campaigns all of which you are sure could be the thing that finally makes you a huge success.

This won’t work either. If you have this many different things going on at once, then you won’t be able to dedicate the necessary energy to any of them. Remember, you still need to bring in cash in the meantime and that means you only have a set amount of time per day to work on your mailing list or your digital product.

Dedicate to one site one mailing list or one product to be successful.

The problem is though, that you can’t stick to any of these ideas. And the issue is not necessarily that you’re not motivated or disciplined, it’s probably more to do with the difficulty of choosing which project to focus on and then sticking with that. If you have twenty brilliant ideas for a website then you’ll probably find that you get distracted by the next one before you finish the first one.

Part of the problem too is that building a website can take so long and has so many boring elements. You may enjoy prospect of building a successful website, you may like designing the graphics, but after hours of doing SEO and fiddling around with CSS to line everything up you can find your enthusiasm waning. And then there’s always that idea for a football site calling to you from the background.

And of course our interests have a tendency to vary and change as well. One minute we find ourselves fascinated by computer games, but then the next we’re more interested in our favourite book. We end up wanting to write about and work with the thing that interests us at the time.

So how do you overcome this problem, choose what you should be focusing on, and then stay focused on that project until you see it through to completion?

Weighing Your Options

One initial way to progress is to weigh up the different benefits of your various projects. Assuming that you hope to earn money from what you’re doing, a good way to compare your different projects is to look at how long they will take to complete/how much you enjoy them, versus how much money they are likely to make/how likely they are to succeed.

A site on football for instance might be your favourite topic, but at the same time there’s a lot of competition out there so it’s maybe less likely to succeed. A new social network on the other hand might be potentially very lucrative, but it would involve learning PHP and doing a lot of promotion. The best project then might be one in a small niche you have an interest in – it’s quite interesting, it isn’t too much of a project to take on, and it could realistically start earning you money relatively quickly.

This is especially true for those purely passive forms of income – such as selling affiliate products from a sales page and pointing some PPC at it. If this is likely to start paying out soon and it won’t need your input going forward, then you should prioritize finishing that quickly and then let it continue to roll over for you.

By looking at which project will earn you the most money the most quickly and reliably, you can decide where best to direct your efforts and spend your time and thus avoid disappointment. This then allows you to gradually spend less time on the daily grind that is necessary for steady income and to spend more time on the passion projects.


There are also a number of compromise solutions you can opt for. For instance, if you are torn between two website topics that really excite you, then the best solution might be simply to create one website on both topics. Love video games and comic books? Then how about a site dedicated to comic book computer games?

Another option is always to sell on websites. If you are someone who loves building websites and doing the marketing to begin with, but you don’t enjoy the process of actually running and maintaining those sites, then you might prefer to simply build sites that interest you and then sell them on.

This is still always going to be hard. Most of us have multiple interests and multiple ideas. And investing all your time and effort into one website or one affiliate marketing strategy means that you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. The fear of failure can be so great, that it prevents you from ever really trying. Fluctuating between different ideas on a whim can end up being a convenient form of procrastination in that case.

And this is why you need to go for those smallest baby steps to begin with. This is why you need to focus on the types of projects that you can finish more quickly and easily.

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