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Building a niche Brand

Building a niche Brand

Build a niche brand, not another niche commodity

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich dad, Poor dad” said that if you don’t have a brand, you have a commodity.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “What’s so bad about a commodity?  Don’t people make thousands if not millions  selling products like rice, wheat, or coal on the market? Aren’t commodities like beef, lamb or steal and other products, multibillion dollar industries?

Well, here’s the rub. Sure, there are massive markets for thousands of commodities and they are multibillion dollar industries, but the problem is if you are a seller of a commodity, then you compete on is price alone. When people look at  your cattle, they don’t see a distinction. They just see a product that can be processed into other products or can be consumed directly. That’s all they can see accordingly.

The only way you could compete is whether your bushel of pork is going to be cheaper than somebody else’s. That’s how you compete. Let me tell you, competing based on price is a race to the bottom. It’s a dead end. As awesome, effective and efficient as your operations may be, believe it or not, somebody can come up with something cheaper. This happens all the time.

Producers would actually intentionally suffer a loss with one type of commodity so they can build relationships and costumers for another higher margin commodity.

Grocery stores do this all the time here in the Australia. Have you ever gone to a grocery store that had a promo going say for Halloween? They would offer  bags of chocolate lollies for say a couple of dollars or something ridiculously cheap like that. Now the whole point, of course, is to get you to go to certain parts of the store where you can pick up other higher margin products. If you behave exactly the way they predicted you would act, they actually make money off of you. I know, you’re carrying around a bag of 1 dollar chocolates, how can they make money off you? It turns out that the other stuff that you bought have higher profit margin.

That’s how the commodity game is played and it’s really depressing. Because let me tell you, I know where you’re coming from. You work hard for your money, you put in the time, you focus but there’s very little to show for. Welcome to the world of commodity marketing.

So here’s what you need to do! Build a niche brand!.. It’s not enough to target just the right niche. Don’t get me wrong, this is super important and as important as that may be, you also have to create a unique identity in your niche. Believe it or not, niche content is pretty much like a commodity. When people go to your website and see the exact type of content that they could see from your competitors, they probably don’t want to come back. Why? They would think, “I see this stuff all the time. Why should I go to your website instead of the other sites that I already know about? These other sites are bigger brands and are more well- known and are tried and proven. Why should I waste my time with your little website?” You have to answer and confront these questions otherwise, you are just going to continue to struggle.

You have to build a niche brand. There are no two ways about it. Your niche brand has your unique selling proposition. It must have nothing to do with price. It has something to do with your skills or your vision for the life of your costumers, maybe it has one thing to do with your global consciousness. Whatever it is, come up with something that people can identify with and can develop a loyalty too.

If you develop a niche brand, you can charge a lot more money. With commodities, you can’t. If you turn your content into commodities and treat them like such, don’t be surprised if you make a few cents on the dollar. On the other hand, if people seek you out because you are a niche brand in your industry, you can expect them to pay a premium. I hope you understand how this works because your profit margin lies on the balance.

The Renegade Affiliate marketer

The Renegade Affiliate marketer

.Attraction marketing For Affiliates…Because Teaching Sells!

Attraction marketing..What is it? How will it help you as an affliate Marketer?

Hello, Marcus here again. Continuing on from our previous introduction to Attraction marketing. View previous post here.  I want to start by saying this article is based on the book by Ann Sieg called “The Attraction Marketers Manifesto. It’s a book around 10 years old but is has significant today has it was back then.  I believe this will be of great benefit to you  and so I have left a link here which goes back to an article I wrote on Ann Sieg when she was heavily involved in Multi Level marketing in the mid Nineties. You probably know it has MLM.

you can download the book from there for free by clicking link here: Free ebook.  Please don’t equate free with something of little value! This book and others written by Ann have the power to transform your business in ways you never imagined possible.

OK so I want to delve into the Attraction Marketing Manifesto to help all of us who are building business’s with Affiliate marketing…Because when you truly break it down what we are all doing primarily is ” Marketing”!! So we need to get really good at it.

This could well be a defining moment for you in your affiliate marketing business.  So let’s get right into it.

Marketing and Sales..

.Pretty much sums up our business’s as affiliate Marketers,

So let’s take a closer look at them both,starting with a definition of “Sales”…An exchange of goods/services for something of value.” In a nutshell,anytime money changes hands.  Ok now let’s look at Sales from a different angle, one that will guide us as marketers and selling online.

Let’s expand on the definition of “Sales” because the truth of the matter is it’s much bigger than that. Here’s a direct qoute that sums up a deeper meaning of the word Sales….From Anne sieg’s book the Renegade network marketer…

“‘the art of selling is really the ability to influence others in the way they think and act”.

A better term might be…”the art of Persuassion” 

Now when you really stop and think about this, we are all doing this at some point every day!!

My wifes a master of the art of persuassion…she knows how to influence my thinking lol !!  Parents do it all the time with their kids. Kids do it to thier parents!…Your boss does it you. …Politicians…Car Sales folk…MacDonalds take-Away. do it all day everyday.”Would you like fries with that for an extra $””….the list is endless but you get the gist yeah?

Our ultimate Goal when we apply the “Art of persuassion” is to do what?… “” were attempting to move others in a direction we desire”   Can you now begin to see how your affiliate business is built primarily on applying these principles and when applied with authenticity will catapult your business to heights you would never have dreamed possible.

So it makes sense to really get good at applying this in your business from day one.

Ok continuing on with looking at Sales…Here’s one that comes to mind for me..The Car sales guy; Who hasn’t had this experience? Ivé had this experience a few times. I remember the day when second hand dealerships were my only option so it always paid to really know what you were looking for otherwise you would regret you ever stepped in the yard.

You pretend you havn’t spotted him and slowly continue looking around…Then you here his voice…”” Hello Sir! How are you today? Just came into today sir..isnt she a beauty? One owner..Hardly left the garage, only ever to go down to the local shops..low milage etc etc.!

Look, for me, I always get put off when I start to feel a little pressure….and I think thats how most feel. It starts to feel like the “Hard Sell” tactics.

It’s the old style of sales…well I say “old” but the truth is, most sales people still apply these tactics because its the only way they know. It’s the olnly way they were shown! Coupled with the fact they’re under pressure to sell as many cars as they can otherwise theyre out of a job.

But what about for you? well, if your like most folk you just want to take your time and look around and make your own choice…You want to feel your in control of the buying decision.

Here’s a question…whom would you prefer to purchase off..A sales man or a consultant?   Well If you said consultant its because we percieve them to be more knowledagble and therefore more value to us, like Ann points out in the book..

‘A consultant is really a sales rep who has learned the art of marketing”.

Now lets relate this back to your affiliate business. Are you being a sales rep or a consultant? Big difference! Are you promoting for instance WA Program just to get the sale or are you really promoting like a consultant…One who knows the product really well? someone who believes in the company and stands firmly by what they are doing? Because the truth is, if its not the latter then you are going to severely limit your success in this business. Doesn’t matter what you promote If you hearts not in it eventually it will die on the affiliate vine so to speak.

In my next article we are going to continue along this vain and delve further into sales and Marketing. But now I hope this has been some food for thought in how you approach your business when it comes to Sales.










Step By Step to Online Success

Step By Step to Online Success

Created: February 12, 2019

Principles of Success

I still recall those earlier days when i nearly drove myself insane trying to work out how to succeed with the online world of business. There were so many opportunities out there some legit others down right scams…sometimes it was hard to work out which was the real deal and many a time i got stung Big Time…Yes I have spent lots of money on dead end promises made…How to make a fortune in less than a month….or this on “how to sack your boss 6 weeks from now !! yeah yeah.. all bull dust but many fall for these promises.

So what about you? where are you on this journey? maybe  you too want to be making a living from your lap- top…It certainly is appealing to many but the stark reality is…Not that many make it because they have been sold the big fat lie!

 The Big Juicy Fat Lie?

The Big Juicy Fat lie..well basically its that, making money or building a business online is sold has to be Easy Peezie and anyone with two cells between their ears can make it !!!..But the truth is, it takes persistence and hard work….When I say hard work I mean emotional work.

It takes time to build the knowledge and understanding around marketing and sales. it takes time to find your niche (Your target audience) it takes time to learn the skills with content writing…its all doable don’t get me wrong but it will certainly challenge you. See If it was really that easy everyone would be doing it and making a ton of money.

See I came from a trade background has a plumber and I was never the bloke who could sit for more than 5 minutes in front of a computer…I was the hands on guy. Writing a quote would be the best I could manage and the odd email here and there  and that was me done with the computer.

My wife on the other hand would sit for hours without a break writing reports for work and wouldn’t think anything of it…The irony of it all is, she’s not at all interested in blogging or websites or any kind of online business. But you see I knew a very long time ago that the internet had huge potential for anyone wanting to build an online business. And of course I wanted a Part of that…I was hungry for making lots of money but I just had no clue where to start.

But I’m not going to bore you with my life”s history and how I got to where I am today…If you want more on me, this link will point you to another post on this website titled; “About Marcus” I don’t like blowing my own trumpet but the post gives you a little more insight into my journey.

Ok so lets carry on here.

clear the muddy waters

Here’s what I’m trying to get at so it’s clear for you. Please don’t do what I have done over the last maybe 5-6 years..No joke here, For the last 5-6 years I have jumped around on the internet like a manic monkey searching for the next biggest and best banana. I wanted out of the 9-5 job and into something  that was going to free up my time but I ended up…Wasting tons of money and worse still, the very thing I was trying to get more of being precious time.. I wasted more of it..And that my friend can never be replaced…gone forever. So Please Please Please If you are hearing my message… don”t do it or if you are doing it STOP RIGHT NOW!!. YOU MUST STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND START CONCENTRATING IN ONE AREA OF YOUR LIFE. This is the key my friend…you have to get clear on where you are going otherwise your heading for huge disappointment. I hate to sound like the bearer of bad news but i can’t put it anyother way.

Look maybe affiliate marketing isn’t your thing and that’s ok…it wasn’t for me either in the beginning but here’s what I learned from these guys here at Wealthy Affiliate..

If you really are serious about starting an online business or you are already in business but need help taking your business to the next level then we can help you.

From the nebie to the seasoned onliner, It’s all here; the training the education prepares you every step of the way for building any business in any niche on line no matter what you have an interest in.

Look it doesn’t matter where you get your education..Mmm actually No it does Matter!! It matters a lot, You want the best in Education on all aspects of website building, Marketing SEO Content marketing Affiliate Marketing…The list goes on and on…and here’s the best part

You can get up and running with your very own website and a great education for Free!!! Yes I know sounds too good to be true…all that Jazz but hey you got nothing to lose and everything to gain just by one simple click below…Then you decide for yourself!

You see the choice really is always yours. So If not today! When?

Your Call

talk soon




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