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So You Want To Become an Affiliate. 


Hi Marcus again.

So you have heard about affiliate marketing and stories of people making a good living from it and you have been considering the opportunity for yourself. Like many budding online entrepreneurs just starting out, you may not have a lot of up front capital. Well my friend youré in for a surprise so please read on.

This may truly be your opportunity of a life time for you to get started with your very own online business.

Affiliate Marketing i consider to be the business to get up and running fairly quickly and to start making profit. And here’s the plus side to add to that; Affiliate Marketing  involves ZERO or at the least a minimal investment?

How many business models do you know of like this? So If your answer is yes! I would like a business model like this  then I suggest to read on because your in for a big surprise.

Generally people think that to run a business they need to invest heavily. And this may be true for the traditional bricks and mortar business but now with the popularity of Internet increasing exponentially  your investment is almost negligible.

You must understand that their are millions of online business’s wanting to sell their products and services. And there are literally millions of people online looking to buy.

For the vendor to maximise the sales of their products/services they have to have a effective means of marketing.  This is where you as the affiliate marketer bridge that marketing gap for the owner of the business.

Starting an online business can be one of the easiest ways to begin earning a really good income right from your kitchen table. No expensive office required. In Fact the only requirement is a computer with an Internet connection.

The perfect Online Business with Minimal Investment

OK! I here you asking; If I don’t need an office, and I don’t need to invest then what do I need to do?

Here’s the answer:

You need to become an affiliate for a Really Good Company and start selling their products to earn great commissions.

It’s really that simple! Find a great company with a equally great product preferably one you have used yourself and sky’s the limit.

I want you to let this sink in to your head….you don’t need to have your own product (this is huge!!!)


However, let me very clear here. This does not mean you don’t have to work at all and by becoming an affiliate. Yes there’s work to do in the promoting of the product or service. It’s not rocket science though seriously with a little time you could teach your great grandma to to do this..No joke!!

Look! you know its not going to happen if all you want to do is sit watching TV or checking out the latest youtube videos.

There’s no way on Gods earth you can make money like that. After all, you need to promote the products through your web or Blog

Get Your Free Web Site.

To have a web site you don’t need to be a web expert.The days of html and coding are no longer something you need to do You can literally have a website up and running in a few minutes.  As I just alluded to without you having to knowing any web language you can create a web site which will be your virtual office. There are a lot of web sites offering free web space without any cost.

You just have to register yourself and you can easily develop your own web site by just clicking a few links. No need to have HTML knowledge as you can directly configure your site and choose different background colors for your web site. They even provide very useful tools like page hit counter to have a record of the number of visitors visiting your site.

Since free web site services almost always require you to show the advertisements of the company hosting your site, once you start earning money, it is often a good idea to pay a web hosting company to serve your web site.

Research Affiliate Companies

Straight off the batt. It’s important when starting out to be reasonable with your monetary expectations.  Like any new business whether it be traditional bricks and mortar or online it takes  time to establish and to earn profits. However, if you have spent time initially to set up your business right then it will have the potential to provide good returns over time. It really pays to do some research before you choose a product or service to promote. Has I alluded to earlier try to find a product or service that floats your boat so to speak. One that you feel is worthy of your time and effort to market. This is super important when first starting out. Coupled with this you are going to need to know if there is good demand for the product in the market.  Affiliate programs are not only related to products but also involve information sharing or offering some advice. Like advice on successful relationships, painting,music, learning a new language, woodworking, gardening, etc. You can offer your advice free of cost and use affiliate-marketing programs to earn money. Some of the sites where you can become an affiliate are and Once you choose a product from these web sites and promote those products then you can earn up to a very high commission on every product sold.

Promote Your Business

The success of an affiliate marketing business is promotion. If your site can draw people’s attention and then direct them to the affiliate company’s web site then your earning potential is limitless.

To be successful it helps to spend time doing initial research to choose the right affiliate program that can give you maximum profits. Then you will need to follow through with a good marketing plan. While choosing the affiliate program, give thought to the process you’ll be following to promote the sales of the product.

Since you would be more involved in the pre-sales, your web site should have good content regarding the product. If the conversion rate of the prospects to actual buyers is high from your site then you can consider yourself a good affiliate.

Initial time spent on deciding the right product to promote is key to good dividends later on.

To Your Success


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