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Stop Promoting (Random) Products and Start Promoting Real Solutions

Stop Promoting (Random) Products and Start Promoting Real Solutions

 Promoting Real Solutions


Marcus back again.   So far we’ve been talking about understanding your audience, this week we are going to talk about why you should stop promoting random products and start promoting real solutions. But before we get started here I want to just point out this is a relatively long post even though I have made several attempts to condense it down for our readers. Please bare with me here because this is critical to your online business success moving forward.


Once you have completed your market research and you completely understand who your target audience is, and you’ve developed your customer profile take a look at that person whom you’ve created and ask yourself what type of problems this person has. Then ask yourself how can i provide a solution to their problem! Next


write down a list of potential problems they may be having and if you already know the solutions write them down too. If you don’t know the solutions, search for them. As you find solutions, find out if there are affiliate programs that offer solutions to your target audience for the problems you’ve decided they probably have.


For example:

let’s take a general look at target audience; In this example we’ll  look at Males/females age 40 55 years having been working for several years in a 9-5 job  semi professional earning around $70-90,000/year. Children are grown up and left home Mortgage paid off or close to being paid off. Wanting to spend more time travelling, fishing, Golfing etc and generally starting to feel a little tired of the daily work grind. Still have 10+ years to go in the workforce but they see this has a hard road…Now they seriously want out. Coupled with this they are sick of the politics of the office they can’t stand the boss and the paycheck hasn’t changed much in the last 5 years if at all.   Are you starting to build up a picture of this Target audience?


This target audience maybe looking to solve their problem by searching online and typing in the search bar something along the lines of..

how to make a passive income online

How to make extra income

How to quit my 9-5 job

Making money with affiliate products

Or something similar.  Now If I have completed my market research and completely understand this target profile audience and I now know how to  provide a solution to their problem/s then Bingo! We’re in business.

Can you see how this all starts to pull together?

If I can show this individual how to make passive income or better still a real living online selling affiliate products. Which will pay out really great commissions and at the same time be working for them 24/7/365 days a year this could prove to be very appealing to them. And of course it helps solve their original problem. Helping them towards quitting their 9-5 job.

If I can also demonstrate that the money they make will give them the freedom to quit their job or make enough extra money to take that long overdue overseas holiday, then we are truly helping to solve real problems with solid solutions for people..and that my friend is a beautiful thing!

But wait ! There’s more.

Now let’s imagine another problem arises for this individual. Which would play out something like this:

They were getting all excited about  this affiliate marketing and they feel this could be the solution to their problem and a way to make extra income. Then the big BUT!!!  Problem arises…

They know absolutely nothing about promoting affiliate products or building websites, Writing Content or keyword research! Keyword research..What’s that? You here them ask.

Now! This is where you as the “affiliate master”  step right in and help alleviate this problem too. Because you have already done your homework, anticipated this  possible scenario and thought through the solution for Him or Her.

How You May Ask?

By providing the most up- to- date cutting edge affiliate marketing program to be found online. Solving all of their initial problems we now have a win win situation. Can you see how you has the solution provider needs to get inside your potential customers head and anticipate what he /she will be thinking…What problems are they creating which become possible road blocks that could prevent them from moving forward towards their dream of freedom from working at their 9-5 job.

Your Job is to anticipate the problems and have the solutions ready to deliver to them. Remember you are a solutions provider.

If you have found more than one solution to each problem you’ll need to try to get your hands on a test copy, or actually purchase the product to try it out. It’s better to not promote products or services that you’ve never used or seen in action for yourself. Why? Because, how can you truly 100 percent claim that a solution works, that their customer service is fabulous, and that nothing is wrong with the solution if you’ve not tried it out for yourself?


Try to stick to one solution per problem. Often, if you find a great solution to a problem that same product creator will have other solutions that you can also promote that can also be promoted as either up-sells or cross-sells to the main product you’re going to promote. It’s also better that you focus on one problem and one solution at a time.


Keep your list handy so that once you’ve promoted the first solution to the first problem completely out, then you can focus on the next. Do the same process, try out the product or service first, before you recommend it.


If you stick to this process you will never be ashamed to promote something, because you will have used it and you will know that it works and is of superior quality. On that note. Check  out our affiliate program by clicking this link.. WA program. The only caveat is if the product is from the same publisher or creator. Typically, a particular publisher who has produced at least one product that you’ve tried, and been pleased with, will produce other products that you may want to promote and you can usually feel safe promoting the other products and / or services without trying every single product of that one publisher.


The other advantage to actually trying the product or service is that you can write an honest review about it. Due to disclosure rules you must reveal how you got the product that you are reviewing, and it will mean a lot more if you purchased it yourself. Now, that’s not saying there is anything wrong with getting a preview copy of any product, that’s fine, but do reveal that honestly to your audience. They will appreciate it.


It can get very tempting to just throw a bunch of random products on your website or blog that are loosely related to your niche, but you won’t be doing yourself any favors and you won’t make more money. For instance if you have a blog that focuses on helping writers improve their craft, and your start selling “How to Make Money From Home” items, you’re going off the deep end. No, writers really do want to find out how to write better. They want to know how to stay organized in terms of their writing. They want to know how to develop characters, and so on. They already know how to make money from home. They are writers.



Choose the products and / or services that you will promote very carefully with your client profile in mind. Think about if you had the problem, is this product or service something you would personally use? When you are very choosy and particular about the products or services that you promote to your audience they will stand up and take notice. They will grow to trust your recommendations with every product that they purchase through you, because they will know that it meets certain criteria.


When you test out a particular product or company you want to ensure that the product meets your criteria. It must of course, solve a problem that your ideal customer has. Then, it must be of superior quality, easy to use and offer excellent customer service. If it’s difficult to get any customer service, the client might actually come back to you to try to figure out why. That can make your life super difficult.


In addition, and this is just for your sake, you should make sure that the product has a high converting sales page, as well as offer you an well thought out affiliate program so that you can track views, clicks, and payments. The affiliate program should also provide great marketing materials, graphics, and timely payouts. You want to steer clear of programs that don’t pay you what they owe you. It is understandable for them to wait for charge backs and returns, but it is not understandable for them to make you pass a high threshold before paying you what you’re due.


I hope this answered your questions about how and why you need to choose products that relate to your target audience very carefully and promote only those.

Next week we will talk about strategies to increase your affiliate income. See you then.

creating wealth together.


Do You Know Your Audience

Do You Know Your Audience

Hi, it’s Marcus again. Hope you had a productive week. 

Let’s talk talk about how to make affiliate marketing tp you profitable by understanding your audience and their needs. It really is of no benefit marketing a product unless you are clear who your audience is from the outset. In fact you don’t even start choosing products to promote until you know who your audience is, what problems they have, and what solutions you can find for them.

Let’s get to it.

No matter what type of product / service you want to promote it’s imperative that you understand who your audience is, and what makes them tick. In fact, the beginning of any type of business is to find out who your audience is and get to know their desires, wants, and needs. Find out what problems they have, then look for ways to solve them. If you can offer solutions to your audience you’ll do a much better job at promoting any type of product or service. It will be the answer to their prayers.

Once you know your audience you’ll have a better understanding of how to speak to them and write for them. You’ll understand them so well that they will feel like they know you and they’ll realize that you are also committed to providing them products and services that they not only want, but truly need. Not only that, they’ll quickly realize that you’re a real person, and one that they can count on and build trust in.

Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to earn money. Real money that you can pay your bills with, go vacation with, and maybe even buy your wife (or husband) something really special with. But, the real money won’t come unless you truly understand who your audience is and what they need.  

In order to get to know your audience:

A great place to start is with with what you already know something about, for example you might be a keen fisherman so you may find affiliate products related to fishing which may include promoting products related like Reels, Rods,Tackle boxes, the Best fishing guide books etc get the idea? — Obvious I know but a lot of affiiates attempt to market products based solely on the commission they potentially will make. This can make it hard to accomplish especially when you either no nothing about the product or worse still you have no interest in the product yourself. 

Most of the time it will be easier for you to market to an audience you already know.again using the Fisherman example Not sure if that’s politically correct? Maybe “Fisherperson”  Any hows you can be in your own market. If you found a problem and solved it for people just like you, that’s a great place to start. However, if you’ve found a solution to an audience outside your own demographics for which you’re passionate about that can work too.

Research what you want to know — Even if you want to move outside of your comfort zone to an entirely new market unfamiliar to yourself and what you already know you can do market research to find a target audience. In fact, even if your market consists of people like you, you should still do research. Our own experiences are subjective, so you need some objective information to ensure that you really do know that audience. 

Determine audience demographics — You should be able to, do through market research, pinpoint the age, gender, income, education and marital status of your ideal audience. If you can’t, you don’t know enough about your audience to start marketing yet. Keep researching.

Ascertain audience lifestyle — Values and lifestyle are super important for you to understand about your target audience so that you can find products and services that solve problems that they have in which they can afford to purchase. It’s also important to know how they form their opinions and get their information and whether they are early adopters, or slow responders.

Do your research first and it will pay dividends down the track I promise!

How to create sticky content that will earn you Money

How to create sticky content that will earn you Money

 Sticky content that will earn you more money

I’m sure you probably have heard the phrase “sticky content.” In fact, this is one of the oldest phrases in internet marketing and online publishing. The idea here is to create content that people would want to read. Content is king right! now I know that sounds like a really basic concept but believe me, It’s a really a big deal. Why? Well, most folk actually access the internet through their mobile devices like smartphones and ipads

look we all lead busy lives  and when you’re out and about and on the go you really don’t have a lot of spare time to seriously and closely inspect each and every website you land on. Like most busy people usually, you would scroll through the website very quickly to see if there are certain keywords that appeal to you and if something seems somewhat relevant to what you’re looking for. You will however give it more time and scroll down more slowly if this website is truly on point then you stop and read the website more carefully. That’s how people process information on the internet. It doesn’t matter whether are talking about search results or links that you discover through your Facebook timeline.

It all works the same way. You first start by scanning very quickly because you don’t have all the time in the world. You begin to slow down when something catches your attention and seems like its relevant to you.  That’s when you allocate some time to find out what it’s about. This is a very important concept to wrap your mind around and get a clear understanding of how people actually consume digital content.

When you really understand this, you are the armed with some crucial information which will guide you to producing your very own sticky content. Content that can make you money is considered to be sticky. But here’s the rub;how do you find this content? Do you have any idea?

A lot of people who are trying to make money with niche marketing have all sorts of preconceptions regarding what kind of content they should create and what kind of content would be considered popular in their niche. They have all these ideas but the problem is they forgot to do the most important thing. They forgot to test whether these ideas are actually supported by actual consumer interest. Crazy I know! but you have to test your ideas first, otherwise you could be wasting countless hours producing content that goes nowhere and therefore produces not a single dime.

Here’s how it usually plays out. You come up with an idea or maybe you see something  you may think is hot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience see it in the same way. I can’t even begin to tell you how many websites were built on this mistake. The entrepreneurs who came up with the website got all excited about the content because they think this is the next big thing. But guess what happened? It didn’t go anywhere, they lost their money, they lost interest and they moved on. I don’t want that to happen to you.

This is why you need to build you sticky content on a solid foundation. Build it on reality. How do we go about doing this? Well, first of all, we’re going to have to figure out what actually works in your niche. That’s right, you’re going to have to discover content that is currently popular in your niche. There’s an actual demand for this content because people engage with this content.

Now, the question that you’re probably begging to ask is how do I find out this content? Very simple. Let your competitors do your homework for you. Find your competitors, pay attention to their social media accounts as well as their blogs. What kind of contents do they produce? Now take not on the most common types of content that they produce. Once you have a clear idea of this content, look at the social media engagement for those pieces of content. This is the key.

It’s hard to lie to you at this point. Why? You have some sort of objective criteria to assess whether this content is actually popular or not. The people are either going to give a piece of content a thumbs up or not. Either they’re going to retweet it or not. Either they’re going to share it or not. Pay attention to those signals.

Now armed with this information, come up with something ten times better. This is how you would create a very sticky piece of content. This is how you beat your competition. To get clear guidance on how to do this as well as the areas for improvement you should focus on for your own sticky content.

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